Do you know "Ryuo eight beauty spots"? We chose eight places of beautiful scenery. Would you like to trace these eight beauty spots? You may rediscover the oldness that you did not know so far.
@Agriculture and forestry Park
The rural scenery which is full of the green that I can command a whole view of from a hill country of agriculture and forestry Park and a view of Hira mountain range far-off Lake Biwa-ko away are superb views
@Ishibe Shrine
Beach with white sands and a green pine grove and Ishibashi keep harmony, and it is an approach to a shrine of a local deity got close to to people for a long time
@New pond and Kagamiyama
Kagamiyama has beauty of a figure of a mountain, too, and it is sung as a representative song more from ancient times, and it is counted in one of the Oomi grand mountains
@Murei Park
A good park of the scene which modelled Hashidate of the sky. A waterfowl settles down in a pond and becomes an oasis of rest
@Noble lineage of Narutani
In the middle of Kagamiyama hiking course, I can come across this noble lineage. A melody of the murmuring raises a natural good point while I am quite
@National treasure NAMURA Shrine
You will impressed by a solemn forest and a lofty building, the personality that are good for Soja of more than 33 volost and technique of an ancient building
@Mirror Shinto shrine and Miyukiyama
Flower "AENBO" of a town grows in colonies, and, in a course conveying old days of old Nakasendo highway in now, village of culture, KAGAMI Shinto shrine and Miyukiyama attach color to green of a pine in early summer
@Mt. Yukino and a village of IMOSE
There is Mt. village / Yukino of myriad green leaves romance in a corner of Kamono and can enjoy ancient breath and nature to the full

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