Heki Yoshida style archery
Archery and Ryuo-cho…Seemingly there seems to be no, being tied.
However, it is the ground of here Ryuo, Shiga that there are many people having a very important meaning in history of Japanese archery and produces you, and it was with the stage of archery establishment in modern times.
The archery was called "archery" to the Meiji half that feeling was sublimed into of many martial arts encouragement, but will be able to try to fall to a profile of the town which is not known too much while following the history of the archery.
The style that archery until the middle of Muromachi was called "old manners" such as Takeda / rigidly formal style of etiquette was the mainstream. As for this, it is successful as ceremonious ancient customs style of archery and horsemanship prices than the skill itself. However, it was the life of war and felt necessity of archery to show more actual power in, and it was Masatsugu Hekidanjo that devised improvement of new archery (Hekidanjo Masatsugu). He is born in Aita-mura (Igacho, Mie Pref.). Excel in archery from youth; many; is famed. He did errantry of the countries to be full of archery and, after hardship, wore the art of 飛 / 貫 / 中 and developed he original new archery. He follows hexagon Sasaki of Oomi, and it is informed that I fought hard by the new archery very much.
By the way, I served hexagon Sasaki, and Yoshida who was a master of Gamo-gun private temple Castle (Mt. present Ryuo) (Ryuo-cho, Shiga) was the whole families who were famous for a military exploit of archery and horsemanship from generation to generation. About Shigekata Yoshida of the the eleventh generation, the following legend is left.
It is for 重賢 to be born. When he is born, as for his mother, a crescent moon is in one's chest; had a dream. Will it be a suggestion from form of a crescent moon? She was convinced that "this child must have surely got honor of archery" and was very eager in archery ascetic practices of 重賢. He showed young man power talent as mother thought, and the skill seems to have reached a strange level.
He is the prime of life before long, and is given Yoshida Hachiman shrine an arrow of one in 参籠 having passed, dawn of completion of a vow by an old man of white hair; have a dream. An old man of instar more than 50 appeared suddenly in the year after while wondering when, furthermore, I acquired ascetic practices and all initiated Choukan into the art of archery. This old man is Heki judicial officer(Hekidanjo) I appear, and a certain thing does not need to say. 重賢 and 重政 (Shigemasa) of the real child did 従学 with him familiarly day and night in this way during seven years. 重賢 increases a device for oneself for the teaching and completes "Heki Yoshida style" at last. This style is called "a new school" and develops as the basics of archery afterward in modern times.
There was the Heki (I come) Yoshida style archery on the basis of carrying through transmission from father to son by lineage or mind of ONLY ONE. However, therefore one dispute happened. It was an owner of the arm which child of 重賢, 重政 acted as an instructor of a bow of general Yoshiharu Ashikaga (it quits it, and a sea lion is made) with father, and was splendid. Yoshikata Sasaki of a master's residence pressed 重政 to want you to initiate me into the secret by all means with a disciple of 重政. However, because 重政 protected rules of transmission from father to son and did not forgive it, discord occurred among two people, and 一時重政 has stayed indoors in one line of Echizen valley. Several years later, two people conclude adoption by an intercession of Yoshikage Asakura (あさくらよしかげ) after all, and justice Ken inherits art all of Heki Yoshida style. In addition, it is informed that justice Ken (whether you quitted it) gave back a secret as one's adopted child in 重高 of a son of 重政 adversely afterwards.
The thing which this dispute brought is separation of the same school group. Call Yoshikata Sasaki and a flow to 重高 so-called Izumo group from 重政, and it is the 後重綱 (Shigetsuna) = 豊隆 (Toyotaka) = 豊綱 (Toyotsuna) = 豊覚(Toyokaku)…taking protection of an Abe feudal clan and develop to the Meiji Restoration.
In contrast, I was anxious about an opposition of justice Ken and 重政, and other schools different from the main stream were born because 重賢 which felt a crisis of Yoshida style archery initiated Shigekatsu (I seem to do it, and) "snow load" (Sekka) equal to a grandchild into a direct truth biography with four men of 重政. I call this a snow load group, and it is said to a technical element of Yoshida style even if it is told a snow load group (Sekka ha) to be much it. Shigekatsu made a round trip of the countries and worked hard at archery ascetic practices, and the disciple rose to several hundred people. Ujisato Gamo (when it is already a maggot) / 秀郷親子 (Hidesato oyako), 森刑部 (Mori Gyoubu), 羽柴秀長(Hashiba Hidenaga), 豊臣秀次(Toyotomi Hidetsugu), 細川幽斎(Hosokawa Yuusai) are famous as a best disciple.
Separation got worse more from these two schools and got possible to call Heki 6 group generally afterwards with seven groups to spread.
The main stream has various opinions about a point where is, but it is a fact at all events the Yoshidas and the saying whole families last for several generations, and to have given the name in archery, and it may be said that I am rare at all.
The gun conveyed in 1543 by a Portuguese brought a big change in the Japanese tactics. After the gun tactics by Nobunaga Oda in particular, a role of a bow as a weapon and an arrow declines. However, in the Edo era when a samurai had leadership, the bow came to be used for samurai education for morale encouragement. And long-distance archery of Sanjusangen-do Temple thrived in Kyoto and Edo to show off power of a samurai to the people not only I confirmed technology of a personal bow. Above all, founder of Okura group who descended from Izumo group, Shigeru Yoshida tried the skill for front and back seven times and updated a record of self in sequence and monopolized fame of world 1.
Archery is pushed with character to respect Western culture after the Meiji Restoration and showed a color of the decline at one time, but it is taken in for school physical education, and people of love bow of I am increasing to a woman as well as a man now. Archery of the present age is sports archery to wear a spirituality without being upset about everything not only but I shoot a sign, but it is Heki Yoshida style and a big flow to say that there is to the root and trunk.
There are many remains concerning master hands of a bow of charges, and the neighborhood of Mt. current Yukino (Ryuo-cho, Shiga ferryman) stays. The this neighborhood whole area is the Yoshida ruins of a castle, and a ferryman has small shrine Castle Yahata written down for "吉田出雲守重賢居宅跡" (Yoshida Izumonokami Shigetaka Kyotaku Ato) and documents of the Edo era. When 祖吉田印西 (Yoshida Insai) of seal west (Insai) group leaves southeast 葛巻(Kazuramaki ); south Miyakawa of a hiding place of 重賢 there was it, and is said when 祖吉田重勝 25 of a snow load (Sekka) group are the ground taught in a secret in the days of 6 years old by a grandfather. Romance of the men who were full of courses of a bow feels like reaching it calmly when surrounded by scenery of Mt. Yukino.

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