NAMURA Shrine Ayado Ryuo town, Gamo-gun, Shiga Pref.
With patron saint of 33 neighboring villages,A big festival is performed once in 33 years.A thatched two-storied gate gets a lot of looks even from the distance. A lot of others are appointed to important cultural property. It is the Shinto shrine which can say a treasure house of cultural assets standing still in a forest of a local deity.
 Ryuo temple Kawamori, Ryuo town, Gamo-gun, Shiga Pref.
In a temple of Tendai sect in Mt. Yukino Minamiyama , it was founded (711 years) for first half year. However, I was destroyed by a repeated fire, and it was rebuilt in the Heian era. Tthereafter it was checked with "Ryuo temple" by Yukino temple. 12 wooden twelve divine warriors statues and a temple bell are important cultural property appointment. A legend of a beautiful woman and a large snake concerns a temple bell, and Sadaie Fujiwara and Izumishikibu, the song which Hitomaro Kakinomotono wrote are raised. In addition, "a private temple" of a Ryuo temple is written in a song of Masafusa Oeno. It is assumed that "Invocations and prayers with Sponge cucumber" performed to (mid-autumn) on August 15 in the old calendar work for asthma every year and is full of a large number of worshipers daylong.
 KAGAMI Shinto shrineKagami, Ryuo town, Gamo-gun, Shiga Pref.
This neighborhood prospered as ancient morality Tosando, a post town of Nakasendo highway (the neighborhood of existing National highway No. 8), "an inn of KAGAMI". A sun spear of an enshrined deity is conveyed with the Silla prince who taught metalworking, ceramics technology. He was worshiped as an ancestral god because he tried for development of a village, and he has been defended and maintained veneration. A main shrine is called a building of Nanbokucho period, and it is appointed to important cultural property.
 A pond of Yoshitsune rite to mark the attainment of manhood Kagami, Ryuo town, Gamo-gun, Shiga Pref.
On the way to Oshu from Kyoto, Yoshitsune Minamoto stayed at an inn of Honcho KAGAMI . He is famous for a battle of GENPEI. It is said that he dropped a forelock with water of this pond and had the ceremony of manhood.
 HOUKYOUINTOU and a stone lantern Oguchi, Ryuo town, Gamo-gun, Shiga Pref.
Buddhism Great Teacher Denkyo taishi built Saiko temple by a divine message of a dream of Kannon. It is an old historic temple said that Yoritomo Minamoto and Takauji Ashikaga stayed. IDon't talk about other HOUKYOUINTOU without watching this HOUKYOUINTOU, this is the best.-Everyone cries. Buddhist images on four sides are carved, and concentrated elegant design still leaves a trace in a burning place of a fireplace. Important cultural property appointment.

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